3 Printing Methods for Wedding Invitations

The biggest decision you have to make when booking your wedding invitations is the printing method. It affects the cost more than anything. Unfortunately, it’s also something you most likely know very little about. So, I’m breaking down three of the most common wedding invitation printing methods. Actually, the three that I offer!

wedding invitation printing methods

Digital Printing

Digital printing is the most common printing method in our lives. We see it on a daily basis. High quality digital printers are used to leave a smooth finish on the paper.

There are a few benefits to using digital printing. For instance, it’s the most cost effective printing method. It can print as many colors as your heart desires without affecting the cost. Do you want watercolor floral details? Digital printing is your printing method of choice!

A downside? Like I said, we see it everyday. Maybe you’re looking for something a little more special for your wedding invitations.

Little Fox Paperie provides three different wedding invitation printing methods. Digital printing is a common and cost effective print method.

Letterpress Printing

Letterpress printing is a luxurious printing method that leaves a physical impression in the paper. First, a plate is made of your design. Then, your ink color of choice is rolled onto the plate by an antique letterpress machine. Finally, the machine presses the plate into your paper leaving the ink impression behind.

Letterpress is great for line art like a venue illustration or vintage monogram!

The drawback to letterpress is that it is much more expensive than digital printing. Each ink color used has to have its own plate, and the plates can be pretty pricey.

By the way, this is my favorite printing method! The pillowy impression is absolutely stunning to see and feel. The process is centuries old. So, you can guarantee it’s not going to go out of style!

Little Fox Paperie provides three different wedding invitation printing methods. Letterpress printing is a luxurious print method that leaves an ink impression in the paper.

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is another high end printing method that leaves an indention in the paper. Similarly, it also needs a separate plate for each color used. However, it presses metallic foil into the paper instead of ink. It costs even more than letterpress because the printing plates are made of either magnesium or copper.

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Little Fox Paperie provides three different wedding invitation printing methods. Foil printing or foil stamping is a luxurious print method that leaves a metallic foil impression in the paper.

It can be hard choosing which printing method you want to use on your wedding invitations. If your budget allows, a great way to avoid the decision altogether is to combine printing methods! You can have watercolor elements digitally printing with the text printed in letterpress or foil. Get the best of both worlds! I can also help you decide by discussing your desired design and recommending the optimal printing method.

Which printing method will you choose?

xo, Gracie