Types of Wedding Programs

Wedding programs are one of my favorite wedding day paper pieces. I see more and more couples choosing to skimp on their ceremony programs. Some even eliminate them altogether in order to allocate that money somewhere else. I know we all love a spectacular wedding reception. However, at the end of the day, the most important part of your wedding is actually your ceremony! So, I love when couples are intentional about this one paper aspect.

So, what does a wedding program look like? I’m going to break down the following types of programs that we offer:

  • Flat
  • Folded
  • Booklet
Types of Wedding Programs

Flat Program

Our flat wedding programs are one of our classic program style. These come in two sizes of either 3.875”x9.25” or 5.5”x8.5”. Additionally, they’re printing front and back.

The front typically includes a heading with your names as well as the order of your ceremony. You may also choose to include your monogram or venue illustration if there’s enough room. That will depend on the length of your ceremony.

The back of your flat ceremony program includes your wedding party, family, and any other notes you might want to include. For flat programs, other notes have to be kept short depending on how large your wedding party is.

Flat wedding programs with floral crest and vintage interlocking monogram.

Folded Program

Another classic program style we offer is folded wedding programs. Similarly to flat programs, they also come in 3.875”x9.25” or 5.5”x8.5” sizes.

The front page also includes a heading with your names. Also, there’s plenty of space to include your monogram or venue illustration.

Next, the second page (the inside left page) is intended for your order of ceremony. This gives you a little more room in case you have a longer ceremony or want to include more details such as song titles.

The third page (the inside right page) is where you’ll put your wedding party. This style is great for large wedding parties since you don’t need to include anything else on this page.

Finally, the back page is where you can include additional notes. These might be a thank you note to your guests, an “in memory of” note, or reception information. This gives ample space to include whatever you may want.

Folded wedding program tied with white silk ribbon and white monogram wax seal.

Booklet Program

The last type of wedding programs we offer are booklet programs. These are my personal favorite and the style I used for my own wedding! Booklets are a standard size of 4.25”x5.5”. They include a cover page where you can use your monogram, venue illustration, or just your first names. Then, there are 4 inner pages. This gives you more flexibility in laying out all your info. The cover and inner pages are then tied together with your choice of ribbon. We offer velvet ribbon, silk ribbon in multiple sizes, and frayed edge silk ribbon. Also, they all come in a large variety of colors!

Booklet wedding program with vintage monogram cover tied together with white silk ribbon.

No matter which program style you choose, wedding programs are a wonderful addition to your wedding ceremony. They help your guests know what to expect from your wedding. They also make such sweet keepsakes to look back on.

xo, Gracie