Save the Date Wording

Save the dates have become an expectation in the world of wedding planning. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you’ve included all the proper information in your save the date wording.

  • Request Line
  • Names
  • Date
  • Location
  • Other Information

1. Request Lines

First, your save the date wording starts out with a request that your guests take action. Literally, ask them to save the date! Additionally, the word “please” is optional. You also need to tell them WHAT they’re saving the date for. After all, they need to know why they’re blocking a night, or even a whole weekend, off their calendar months in advance.

For example,

Save the date
for the wedding of

Save the date in dark gray ink with vintage interlocking monogram.

2. Names

Clearly, this is where you state who is getting married. While that may seem obvious, you have some options for how to write your names. It’s perfectly acceptable to write your names less formally in your save the date wording than on your invitations. You can write just your first names or your first and last names. However, if you’re having a very formal wedding you may want to stick to full proper names.

3. Wedding Date

Above all, it’s incredibly necessary that you tell your guests when they need to plan for your wedding. Ultimately, this is one of the most important lines in your save the date wording. Typically, the date is written a little less formally than on your wedding invitations. It’s not necessary to write out your numbers in word form. However, it’s up to you if you choose to stick to the formal wording here as well.

For example,

May 15, 2022

4. Wedding Location

Typically, your save the date wording includes only the city and state of your wedding. The venue doesn’t need to be included until you send out your wedding invitations.

Save the date in black ink on ivory paper with custom venue illustration. Cathedral church venue illustration. Washington, D.C. wedding. Portrait orientation design.

5. Next Steps

It’s important to state that there is a formal invitation to follow the save the date. You can write this as simply as “formal invitation to follow.” Otherwise, your guests may think this was the invitation and get confused about the missing information.

6. Wedding Website

Lastly, an optional line to include in your save the date wording is your wedding website. This has become much more popular because it gives you the option of giving them more details over time.

Pet illustration save the date. Goldendoodle drawing at the top of elegant save the date.

Another tip about save the dates is that sending a save the date is as good as inviting them. Therefore, it’s never acceptable to send someone a save the date and not a wedding invitation. That’s basically uninviting them! However, you can always limit your number of save the dates and send out more invitations.

These are all of the necessary aspects to save the date wording. Once you get your save the dates mailed out, you’ll be ready to work on your wedding invitation, RSVP card, and detail card wording!

xo, Gracie