What to Know About Envelope Printing

The question I get asked the most by potential clients… “Do you offer wedding invitation envelope addressing?” I don’t offer hand calligraphy, but I DO offer envelope printing. Envelope printing is my most common add-on for wedding invitations and save the dates. It’s more cost effective than hand calligraphy. Additionally, it’s much easier than addressing them all yourself. Also, it’s a great way to keep a unified look throughout your entire wedding invitation design.

what to know about invitation envelope printing

Types of Envelope Printing

Digital Printing

First, digital envelope printing is great for white or light color envelopes. We print in any ink color to coordinate with the rest of your invitation suite.

White Ink Printing

Next, white ink envelope printing is intended for darker color envelopes. If you pictured a striking black envelope but you weren’t sure how the addressing would show up, this is your answer!

Envelope printing, guest addressing and return address printing.

Why we can’t print letterpress or foil guest addressing

I get it, letterpress is my favorite printing method too! I’d love to use it on everything. However, letterpress and foil stamping cannot be used for your guest addressing. Letterpress and foil both use a plate made of your design that is then pressed into the paper. Therefore, a plate is made for each individual guest address. That would end up costing a fortune!

White ink envelope printing on navy blue envelope. Return address on back flap and guest addressing on front of envelope.

Return address

The return address is typically printed on the back flap of envelope. It needs to be pretty close to the top of the flap. If it’s too low on the flap, machines at the post office get it confused with the delivery address. You don’t want all of your invitations mailed back to your address!

Typically, the return address only includes the address itself and not your names.

Just like envelope addressing, don’t abbreviate any words such as “Street”, “Apartment”, or any states.

Wedding invitation envelopes with guest address envelope printing and a mix of regular and vintage postage.


We design your envelope addressing to match your wedding invitation. We use the same fonts so that everything coordinates. Additionally, we prefer to use the script font for the names of your guests and the non-script font for the address. The clean addresses are easier for USPS to read and deliver accurately. However, some couples still choose to use the script font for the entire address for a more formal look.

White ink guest address envelope printing on dusty rose envelope.

Ultimately, envelope printing is a great addition to your wedding invitations. It also checks one more item off your long to-do list. Luckily, you can add envelope printing to any save the date or wedding invitation order. On the product page, enter your quantity, and select digital or white ink printing. Then, check the boxes for each item you need printed. You’ll receive a proof of your addressing along with the rest of your proofs!

xo, Gracie