What to Know About Envelope Liners

Envelope liners are my most popular wedding invitation embellishment. So, what are envelope liners? They’re pieces of paper glued to the inside flap of your invitation envelope. That a little something special as soon as your guests open the envelope flap.

While liners can go on any envelope, there is risk of guests ripping the liner when they open the envelope. This is especially true if they’re using a letter opener. Therefore, it’s better to use double envelopes, and attach the envelope liner to the unsealed inner envelope. That prevents this problem altogether.

So, what design’s can go on a liner? I’m going to go over the following types that we currently offer:

  • Solid
  • Monogram
  • Venue Illustration
  • Floral
  • Monet Paintings
what to know about wedding envelope liners


Solid liners are great for a subtle touch of color. They don’t detract from your invitation. If you’re trying to keep your wedding invitation clean and simple, a solid liner is the way to go.

Solid light blue envelope liner in a white envelope


Liners are a great place to utilize your wedding monogram. They can be printed digitally on light color papers or in white ink on dark color papers just like for envelope printing.

Floral crest with vintage monogram printed in white ink on cloud envelope liner.

Venue Illustration

One of our most popular styles of envelope liners are venue illustrations! Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense to use your venue illustration directly on your wedding invitation. So, the liner is the perfect place for it. Just like monograms, you also have the choice of digital or white ink.

Venue illustration envelope liner printed in black ink on ivory paper in an ivory envelope.


Additionally, we offer a collection of hand painted vintage florals. This is another great way to pull in a pop of color while keeping an overall traditional feel. We love tying in your wedding flowers. The floral liners we offer are white roses, pink roses, pink hydrangeas, and lilacs.

Pink hydrangea floral envelope liner in a white envelope.

Vintage Paintings

Lastly, we also have two Monet painting options that add a vintage feel. These come in a neutral subdued warm tone as well as a more vibrant cool blue and green version.

Flourished wedding invitation with monet painting envelope liner.

No matter if you choose solid or patterned, envelope liners are sure to create an impact for your guests’ first glimpse of your wedding invitations! They can be added on to any invitation or save the date order. Additionally, our liners come assembled so there’s no extra work for you. Visit the product page to view all of our current designs.

xo, Gracie